Mi casa es su casa.

This is where we create. Delivering a world-class racket...

Our main studio is perfectly located in the heart of hustling Clerkenwell - Central London’s newest creative hub, in a beautifully renovated old Victorian Gin factory. Our fully soundproofed and sound-isolated studio was custom-built by acoustic specialists Munro (the guys behind Air and Metropolis Studios), and offers state-of-the-art facilities for composition, songwriting, recording, editing, mix, mastering, voiceover, dubbing, ADR and full broadcast layback to ITU-R BS. 1770-3, EBU R128 or ATSC A/85 technical specifications (amongst others) - all in stunning HD audio.

Complete with games area including table tennis, meeting area, bar (with client drink’s fridge) and kitchen, our pad is as comfortable as it is well equipped. We aim to make all our clients feel entirely at home when they’re with us, supplying on demand refreshments and client WiFi. We can accommodate client-attended sessions up to 6 people (on top of our engineers), in a fully air-conditioned setting with comfortable and stylish classic mid-century Scandinavian furniture, perfect for critical listening.

We run a host of industry standard software including Pro Tools and Logic X, from our top spec Mac Pro meaning sessions are handled super fast, super reliably. Our microphone selection includes Neumanns, Sennheisers and playback and A-D conversions are beautifully handled by the flagship UAD Apollo HD interface through ATC SCM25 studio monitor speakers, meaning every last detail of our mixes is abundantly clear. We also have mid-60s Automan Two and early 70s Pelo Scott 1/4 inch tape machines, which we call into action on projects that require that vintage analogue sound.

But we won’t bore you any longer with the long list of all the mics, software, outboard effects and instruments from round the world we use. Suffice to say, we are extremely exacting when it comes to the quality of our gear. All of our equipment is either top of the range or wonderfully vintage (or both). And sounds awesome. And that’s the main thing.

For rates, sessions and bookings, please call 020 7017 2498, or drop us an e-mail.


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